Meet our management team.

Paul Conrad – President / CEO Business Development, Administration
Paul is the founder of SBE and is in charge of Business Development, Administration, and Finance. Paul has over 20 years experience in construction and business development, with projects representing more than $100 million in gross revenue. An early adopter of green building techniques, including on and off grid power systems, the principal manages a stable, opportunistic team that excels at bidding and building in conjunction with best-in-class subcontractors and suppliers.  The team’s experience and strengths (development, project analysis, execution, scheduling, budget control) are well suited to the field of renewable energy.


Jon Riley – COO
Business Development / System Design and Engineering
Jon has been in the solar industry for over 6 years. Jon excels in design, engineering integration, procurement and financial analysis for a variety of renewable energy and efficiency applications. His proficiency in solar design and analysis software, a strong understanding of building and construction, coupled with detailed estimating and scheduling abilities make Jon a versatile and very important member of the SBE team.


Leif Elgethun – Senior Vice President
Business Development / Management
Leif successfully started up a renewable energy and energy conservation measures engineering consulting firm, specializing in pre-project development, engineering, financing, grant and loan packaging, energy audits, and project management.  A dedicated thought leader, advocate, and policy shaper, Leif currently serves as Vice-Chair of the US Green Building Council Idaho Chapter and as an active participant on the Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance Energy Efficiency and Conservation Task Force.  His true passion lies in helping individuals and businesses find their energy independence through cost effective and industry leading clean energy improvements. In addition, he has joined forces with the SBE Group to further enhance his capabilities in the industry.


Glen Carsten - Project Management / Mechanical Contractor
Glen is a co-founder of SBE and leads auditing, design and construction teams, and manages the O & M side of the company.   Glen has 22 years experience in Commercial/Industrial Mechanical design and installation, with over 5 years of renewable energy design and installation experience.  Glen is Energy Star Certified, LEED certified, a member of the United States Green Building Council and a member of the Associated Builders and Contractors of America and an integral part of the company’s dynamic and progressive approach.


Trent Stumph - Environmental & Permitting
With a background in Natural Resource Management and Environmental Conservation Trent has 22 years of experience in environmental consulting, planning and policy work in the Inter-Mountain West. Working on and managing diverse environmental projects including: environmental evaluations, environmental remediation, landscape restoration, wildlife studies, regulatory compliance and permitting. Working for and cooperatively with landowners, corporations, environmental organizations, cities, states, government agencies, and other resource consultants has provided him valuable experience that brings innovation to demanding resource management projects. With his commitment to provide timely, professional and cost-effective solutions for our clients Trent brings added dedication to the SBE team.