Photovoltaics (“PV or Solar Electric Systems”)
are a means of generating electricity from the sun
by converting solar radiation into DC (direct current) electricity. In many applications PV is a favorable renewable energy because the times when electricity is demanded the highest (during the middle of the day) is when PV is creating the most amount of
useful electricity.  

At SBE, we have a firm understanding of the financial, political, and regulatory hurtles necessary to implement PV. The SBE team understands the complex (and often creative) financial structures and entities that are utilized to get complex systems in the ground. Whether a client has all of the up-front capital required for a project, whether the client requires a special entity to lend them the money, or whether SBE facilitates a special power purchase agreement – SBE has a firm understanding of the various ways to overcome the challenges of PV development and installation.