Plant Upgrades

An energy retrofit can reduce energy consumption and improve output for facilities that use fossil based fuels, or change over a system to one based on clean, renewable energy. Maximizing plant energy efficiency pays dividends in lower monthly energy costs and improved compliance with local and federal regulations. The SBE team of engineers will develop an energy upgrade plan that keeps energy flowing at required levels while the energy improvement plan is executed. We can aid in the development of budget solutions that eliminate the need for up-front capital and ultimately reduce operating costs by lowering energy consumption. Plant energy upgrades can generate savings of as much as 35% annually at the facility level and up to 60% at the process level.

Facility energy efficiency upgrades can pay for themselves with no upfront capital costs to the facility owner or operator. By leveraging the cost savings from the energy efficiency improvements, there is no need for up-front costs, special budget allocations, or time consuming requests to upper level management for additional funds. Our retrofits can be backed by an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) which guarantee measurable savings in annual utility bills. These savings are then amortized over the length of the ESPC to fund the upfront costs needed to realize the savings that accrue over time. Essentially, the monthly financing charge is paid for by the monthly energy savings. The bonus in this arrangement is that the facility upgrade is paid for with energy savings through the end of the contract, at which point the full value of the facility upgrades are realized. The energy savings from that point forward provide the capital for additional measures or provide relief to constantly increasing energy rates.