Monetization of Incentives

Site Based Energy turns over every rock when it comes to available revenue streams for your project.  We have experts on staff that can carefully navigate the meticulous bureaucracy required to receive the many grants, incentives, and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) that may be available for your project.  Each project we work on is also reviewed by senior staff for possible tweaks to the scope of the project to ensure the maximum alternative revenue is achieved.  While the exact grants, incentives, and REC’s for your project are dependent on many factors such as location, technology type, and utility, the following descriptions give a basic overview of each type of alternative revenue and how they can be applied to your project.

Incentives:  Incentives can come in many forms, but generally are distributed by state and local governments or the local utility.  The typically provide a refund for a percentage of the project cost, a direct payment for energy saved or generated, or other more obscure incentives.  They usually have a very narrow focus in application, can be easy or hard to complete, are not competitive but can be time sensitive, and also tend to be temporary in nature.  Site Based Energy has expert staff that are experienced in navigating the incentive process and will make sure all incentives for each project are identified, documented, and submitted in a timely manner.  SBE also builds the incentives into our cost estimates and will work with a client to ensure any upfront work required is completed as required.  Common incentives available are: energy efficiency incentives, feed-in tariffs, reduced interest loans, free energy audits, and easy upgrades for common energy efficiency measures.