Environmental Attribute Management

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are the clean energy attribute of every electron produced by a renewable energy resource.  Basically, when electricity is produced by a renewable resource, it is split into the power component and the clean energy attribute component. The power component is typically sold to the power company while the clean energy attribute can be verified and sold either directly to a customer or to the market through a broker. SBE has expert staff that can make sure your project’s RECs are measured, verified, and sold for the highest value on the market. The value of RECs is constantly changing, much like stocks on Wall Street, and having SBE manage this aspect of your project will normally yield the highest value.

Grants are typically awarded by a federal government agency in the form of a onetime upfront monetary allocation. They are free in name only and require extensive paperwork, have narrow eligibility, are very competitive, and tend to be temporary in nature. SBE retains a very reputable grant writing firm to produce professional grant packages and has expert staff that understands the nuances of each particular type of grant available for projects. We offer top notch advice on how to ensure project and applicant eligibility and advise on the probability of success for each project. Common grants available are: USDA REAP Grant, Dept. of Energy R&D Grants, and Infrastructure Grants routed through states and local government.