Strategic Planning

Businesses and industry already create strategic plans to help plan for the future, both to increase revenue and control costs.  Controlling energy costs is just as important to the long term financial success of your business as controlling any other business related expense.  With the cost of energy always increasing, and energy saving measures continually coming down, the time is ripe for creating a long term strategic energy management plan to systematically reduce your cost of energy per unit as your budget allows.  SBE employs a 6 step process for strategic energy management planning:



  • Assess: The first step is to assess the current energy usage at your facility
  • Commit: The second step is to get executive approval for time and money to develop the SEMP.
  • Plan: The third step is conduct an in-depth facility assessment, determine staffing and funding needs, and develop the SEMP.
  • Secure: The fourth step is to secure executive approval of the SEMP and the resources to implement.
  • Implement: The fifth step is to implement the strategic energy management measures outlined in the SEMP.
  • Recognize: The sixth step is to track the efforts savings and recognize key staff for their efforts.