Engineering, Procurement, Construction

At the core of SBE is a team of engineers and contractors. Our team is a capable group of dedicated industry specialists with the qualifications and capabilities to design, engineer, and construct high quality renewable energy projects.

  • Systems Design & Engineering
    SBE designs renewable energy projects customized to the facility’s electrical demand and load patterns, permissible and accessible installation sites, the available energy resource(s), applicable permits and codes, and various other factors.
  • Project Management
    SBE assigns a project team led by a Project Manager for the installation, commissioning and testing of the system. The Project Manager is essentially the middleman who insures the work performed conforms to the client’s specifications. Progress reports are submitted to the client on a weekly basis so that the client is kept in the loop at all times.
  • Plant Construction
    SBE is a first-class integrator and acts as the prime contractor in the installation of all required materials and equipment. SBE conforms to and holds all appropriate national and industry specific trade licensing and certifications. 
  • Commissioning
    After installing the system, SBE conducts a series of testing procedures in order to certify the performance of the system and its components. SBE makes sure the end product is a complete and operational solar electric generating system and all equipment meets and/or exceeds the minimum technical specifications agreed upon with the client.
  • Operations and Maintenance
    SBE provides support services during and after completion of the project. Support services range from on-site training for operations and maintenance, providing all necessary documentation for permitting processes and carrying out of all safety, sanitary and medical requirements.