Hydroelectric Generation at Wastewater Treatment Plants

Hydroelectric Generation

HydroGen (HGE) is a full service renewable energy development company that specializes in the placement of microhydro electric generating equipment on the effluent conduit of wastewater reclamation plants. HydroGen’s water-to-wire generating systems convert an untapped resource into a clean, renewable and sustainable source of electricity.

HydroGen provides consulting, permitting, design, construction, financing, and maintenance services for the developed generating plants By developing public private partnerships with water reclamation owners HydroGen can take advantage of federal, state, and local incentives that are not available to entities without tax liabilities, thereby reducing the cost and improving the payback period and return on investment. HGE applies the most advanced low head hydroelectric technology to effluent conduits to efficiently produce inexpensive renewable energy. With the most efficient technology, utility and government incentives, and application of more than thirty years of engineering and development expertise, HGE produces a significant return on investment.

Industry Snapshot

An average of 365 billion gallons of wastewater is discharged in the continental United States every day. This flow has the potential to generate 478 megawatts of power. At the national average retail price of $ 0.104 per kilowatt hour, $1.2 million in energy savings or revenue can be realized each day. It is the equivalent of removing more than 474,000 cars a day from US highways. This harnessed effluent is a clean and environmentally safe source of renewable and sustainable hydroelectric power.

Partnerships and Financing

HGE offers a variety of development and financing models through public-private partnerships and private party agreements. Ownership and revenue sharing will be structured to provide the best return on investment to the owner. Typical development scenarios include operator ownership, limited private ownership, shared public-private ownership, and lease-royalty agreements. HGE can tailor the development and financial agreement to meet the needs of the owner / operator.


HGE provides a full range of development services from project inception to closeout. With more than 75 years of cumulative industry experience HGE’s professional staff has the capabilities to bring projects to completion in a timely and cost effective manner.



One of the most important aspects of Energy Investments is their return on investment. The energy that each business utilizes is unique and therefore HGE customizes each plan - capitalizing on the most relevant and financially beneficial investments. Our team is well versed with all available funding options. Each project that we design draws from all available tax credits, tax rebates, depreciations, and other funding from Federal / State / Municipal / Private entities. HGE contracts seasoned investment professionals who are able to give a third party non-biased judgment of financial viability and access to partners with capital for qualifying projects.